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terminator 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as The Terminator in this explosive action-adventure spectacle. Now he's. It has been 10 years since the events of Terminator. Sarah Connor's ordeal is only just beginning as she struggles to protect her son John, the  Rating‎: ‎R (for strong sci-fi action and violence. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the sequel to The Terminator. The film was directed by James Release date(s)‎: ‎July 3, ; August 25, terminator 2

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John will das jedoch verhindern und folgt ihr zusammen mit dem T Die 7 verblüffendsten Fakten","categoryID": This prompts John to, realising the responsibility of commanding a machine designed to terminate, handle his command over the Terminator more wisely, and to order the T not to kill any humans. Nach einer körperlichen Auseinandersetzung mit einigen Gästen eignet er sich Kleidung, eine Waffe und ein Motorrad an. Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U.